John Barrowman at Phoenix Comicon 2013 {X}

I think he’s thought of this before

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AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young will take a break from the Australian hard rock group he founded because of ill health, the band said in a statement on Wednesday. The pioneering group dispelled speculation that they would disband after Young, 61, took his leave, saying “the band will continue to make music.” “Malcolm would like to thank the group’s diehard legions of fans worldwide for their never-ending love and support,” the group said in a statement. The band did not say what sort of illness Young was suffering from or whether it would cease from touring without one of its founding members. The Scotland-born Young founded AC/DC with his younger brother, Angus, in 1973.




It’s a fucking Nick Furry cosplay cat.

I tried to scroll past it.

hahahahah. yes.

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Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar

"You know what? I only see myself doing films that interest me and that are a little bit off the beaten path. I will go wherever that takes me. I just - I always say it just can’t be generic. I can’t be the girlfriend or the wife or the - you can’t play the characters that I’ve been blessed to play and then do that. I can’t be the ‘girl’ in the film".

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National Pet Day seems like a good day to play Laser Cats, until they invent National Laser Cat Day.

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#SleepingBeauty #Aurora

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@Letterman: Tonight: Lady Gaga, Bill Murray and Dave Letterman. One selfie, one show.

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2x19: The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville 

“Why did you dress Clyde up like a shark?”

“Ms. Hudson is concerned the winter has been unduly harsh on him so she knitted him several turtle cozies. I find them amusing to look at - I thought it would be nice way to wake up.”

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